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About Us

Welcome to our fantastic family of child developmental ride-ons! 

As owners and developers of YBIKE, our design philosophy is to offer clean, high quality and well thought through products that promote physical activity in kids, to build their gross motor skills and self confidence in a fun way. That’s why YBIKE is “all about balance”.

The idea started in 2007 when we were looking for cool ride-ons for our young daugthers. We realised that the standard ride-ons hadn't evolved with time. We wanted a new innovative product that's modern and cool but that could also offer import developmental benefits. From there the idea grew and developed into a fresh concept design - the YBIKE Original. To this day the names of our daugthers are moulded into the inside edge of the bike body, specially for them!

The design was developed by our design house, Chrome Cherry Design Studio. It took 10 months to take a basic concept and deliver a working bike to Toys R Us in Somerset Mall, the first store in the country to stock YBIKE. Within 2 weeks from that day, 28 November 2007, YBIKEs reached every Toys R Us, Game and Reggies store in South Africa and won it's first award at the South African Toy Awards.

Since those early days, YBIKE has become a recognised brand internationally with distribution to over 40 countries across the globe. The YBIKE family has expanded to over a dozen innovative and fun ride-ons. These distinctive designs have won numerous acclaimed international awards.


Sorry, Evolve is sold out. Watch this space for future availability.  



"This product is the next best thing to sliced bread, I don’t know how I was brought up without one!!!" Kurt Wilson, Dad

“Our daughter absolutely loves it and is so “ou gat” on (Pewi) it! Thank you for a brilliant product. We will definitely upgrade to the Extreme when she is three.” Shane Viljoen, Dad, Cape Town

 "Baie baie dankie vir ons nuwe Y-bike ek dink die pienk is "cool".  Dankie vir goeie kliente diens- iets wat mens nie meer vandag kry nie." Zelda, Carpe Diem School

“We have delivery of the Y-Bike Extreme. It’s an exceptional toy. We will contact you shortly for the crèche order.” Nick Kisten, Dad, Richards’ Bay

“Love the balance aspect… They are strong and sturdier than the usual plastic bikes yet light enough…. The bright, fun colours are a plus. They are just the right size for the children. Generally, the children can’t wait to get outside and grab an YBIKE!  They simply love them! "  The King's School, Robin Hills, Johannesburg.